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I have been in touch with the shipping company and this most recent shipment of Peter's wheeling machine has landed in the US and is being sent to Atlanta for delivery to Rock Hill in the next few weeks. Unlike past shipments, I have persuaded Peter to send some extra wheeling machines so that subsequent buyers would not have to wait thru the entire shipping schedule to make their purchase. They will be stored here in Rock Hill in an air conditioned facility for display along with a 'test' machine to make comparisons to some fabricated wheels.

For those of you that have a wheeling machine in this order, and want to acquire any of the accessories available for the Tommasini wheeling machines or make a purchase of one of the remaining machines, PM me, email me at: or review ordering info from this link:

I will need a little notice to get more mounting plates cut at the water jet place, but they can be shipped in the pallet box at the time of shipping from Rock Hill at no additional charge.
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