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Do you want to lease tanks or buy them? Do you weld enough to justify leasing? Do you want to exchange them outright when filling (small tanks, fast and easy) or go through mandatory inspection process with larger owned tanks every time you fill them? Talk with your supplier about your plans and their guidelines. I hear some people exchange larger tanks through a friend or employer's lease contract but I don't.

As mentioned, here in SC 40cf tanks are the largest that can be owned and exchanged outright so they best fit the way I weld. Last time I checked, 40cf tanks are approx $200 new and I've bought them used from $40-$100. They do expire at 10? yrs so if you buy used check the manufacture dates and rotate ones you might have. Duplicates extend your welding ability. After the last time at RockHillWill's, now I want to set up a pair of my spare tanks like he's done -with a dedicated rosebud torch for annealing to save time when working.

Same with transport- your welding supplier can tell you what is legal in your area like capped tanks, no regulators and specifics about what is both safe and allowed. A simple corral, crate or rack to use in your truck keeps tanks, truck and you safer, no matter what size tanks.
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