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Default Introducing new Peter Tommasini 'HandBuilt' Dog Condominium

I am hereby announcing the latest of Peter Tommasini 'HandBuilt' offerings from the Australian Continent. It is a large dog condo that is specially designed for those folks with goats or other critters that need shelter as part of their guard duties in the fields and pastures of America. It is available for purchase in two formats.

One: Purchase this finely crafted duplex unit featuring private entrances for $20,400 including shipping and (six) wheeling machines that are used for ballast during the often rough overseas shipping. Upon arrival, some disassembly and re-assembly is required. Instructions are NOT included. Once the unit has been re-assembled and ready for use in the fields, you can give away the ballast units to (six) of your closest friends.


Two: Get (eleven) of your closest friends and form a time share agreement. The (Twelve) of you will have a one month occupation agreement that occurs twice a year, each of you sharing one of these duplex units featuring a private entrance, on two occasions. It is easy to clean between the time stints by merely tipping up the back wall and the residual 'left overs' will exit via the large front doors. Share the (six) ballast units as you see fit, perhaps offering them as Christmas gifts, preferably those that are intellectually gifted and manually dexterous as well.

There is one more option:

DogHouse 006.jpg

DogHouse 007.jpg

DogHouse 008.jpg

DogHouse 009.jpg

DogHouse 010.jpg

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Click below for ordering or status info on Tommasini Ewheels:

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