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I came up in a town full of heavy industry where shrapnel in the eyes was a daily occurrence and the hospitals had special electromagnets on rails so they could strap the patient down then crank the magnet over the eye to suck the shard straight out. The old hands that trained me wouldn't give me any eye protection until I had learned to use a grinder without firing filings at them. If I did they'd fire straight back and hit me in the eyes. I learned that one pretty quick!
My problems with eye safety resolved as my eyes failed and I had to put lenses ahead of them but what can you do if a fragment falls off your eyebrow or you wipe it into your eye trying to shift the sweat?
What you do is get it out of there FAST. What does the damage is leaving it in a second longer than necessary. If it fell off your eyebrow it has no energy or heat so it won't stick so try this trick. I keep a little stack of 1/4 inch diameter neodymium magnets about two inches long that will make a piece of steel fly out of your eye from a half-inch range in an instant.
Doesn't work so well on aluminium, you'll need a Q-tip and a colleague for that but again, get on it straight away.

Here to learn.

William Pointer
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