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Default eye safety

I know its been brought up before but I just had another...yes another battle between metal and my eyes. I use to work for a company that make rail grinders for the railway.

In this video, which was way before we had a dust collection system you can literally see all the grinding dust in the air. Now much much cleaner but still dust does blow. The grind motors are smaller than a bathtub but not by much and at the time of me leaving the company we had made one with over 100 grinders. Double the length of a football field.

We were required to wear safety glasses or goggles depending on the situation at all times. The biggest factor for accidents with the company was still particles in the eye. We tried various goggles that blew air across your eyes to blow any dust away. etc etc.

But of the 3 times I have been in to the Dr for removal, today being the most recent. The metal was never from direct contact with the eye. I wasnt grinding or cutting and hit my eye. What happens and every Dr agrees is that the metal dust or chip is usually in your eyebrows or in your hair and falls into your eyes later. I still wear goggles everytime i cut or grind so I can only assume this is how it happened again. I got into the habit of taking my hands and wiping my head down before removing the goggles and looking down when i take them off to make sure to stop metal from falling in. But the other night I know I didnt do that after grinding some aluminum.

So becareful out there and dont just assume that its from metal hitting your eye. Take care to wipe or blow yourself off (safely) so you dont feel it landing in your eye a few hrs later while eating supper.
Cody Lunning
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