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Post Drivers door Ė door card

Making the drivers door card was pretty much a repeat of the passenger side. I thought some step by step pics on hemming the door pocket opening edge might be of interest. The first step was cutting out an opening that is about ľĒ smaller than the final opening. I did this with an electric jigsaw.

Next was turning a 90 degree flange around the opening. Doing this on an inside opening is much harder than outside edge because you canít use a bead roller. To prepare for making the flange, I clamped a dolly with a long square edge into my bench vice and used a plastic forming hammer. I chose the forming hammer for itís round faces that could make the flange in the curved parts of the opening. I chose the plastic hammer as it would be less likely to leave hammer marks as a metal faced hammer could. I slowly hammered around the opening forming the flange using the sharpie marks as a guide.

Thereís quite a bit of stretch required on the curved sections. I used the hammer small end for the curved areas and large end for the straights. The Al 3003 was soft enough that annealing wasnít required.

Next I flipped the door card over and worked from the backside. While sitting, and balancing the dolly with the largest flat portion up on my knee, I carefully hammered the flange over using the large end of the forming hammer. Itís important to keep the dolly flat on the outer surface to avoid marking the panel. I set the hem close to flat with the forming hammer. The final set was done face up on a power hammer using a rubber faced upper die and an almost flat lower die. I used a low power setting to avoid warping or marking the door card surface. The hem is now completely flat after the power hammer work.

The door pocket opening now has a smooth edge free of any burrs or potential snags.
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