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Still moving pretty slow but I'm feeling better every day. I got the welds covered on both fenders and put some epoxy primer on them. I need to take the front sheet metal off so I can start transferring the front suspension from the CTS to the 49. Before I tear down the front end I need to make a temporary fixture so I know where the inner edge of the fenders are and the centerline of the car up high near where the strut towers will be. It needs to be light, simple and removable so I need to see if I can find some conduit or 3/4 angle around here.
I have a lot of measuring and fixture set up to do for this front end. It won't be a direct swap since the CTS is wider than the 49. I have a few options on narrowing the front but I want to know exactly how much I need to narrow before I decide how I'll do it. So, I will set up both cars with the front suspension loaded and get accurate flange to flange measurements and start checking how much wheel offset can be changed in order to get it set up right. That's about a week's work right there at the speed I'm moving.

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