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Fact check:
1. Tim was in the process of shipping books when he died.
2. Tim lived with his wife who shortly after his demise herself required care and is now permanently in a care facility.
3. Tim lived with no other family members. His wife had a daughter (not his) who did not live with them and had nothing to do with Tim's activities.

So who should be mailing out books, and wrapping up Tim's affairs? The probate issues here are complex enough that it would generate a hefty legal bill to find the answer. The only one responsible for settling the estate is no longer physically able to. She didn't choose to become physically infirm.

Like most of us will, Tim didn't expect to die the day he did and went along under the presumption that he would complete the project. Did he plan for all eventualities? No, but neither do many people, or for that matter do small businesses. Dying intestate, or without an estate plan, is common, so common it applies to many members of this forum. Life, and death, happen. "Memento mori."
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