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Originally Posted by Alan Bottomley View Post
Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your post and the picture is very informative.
You mention that you did 3 of the folds on your Magnabend and the 4th one by hand.
Since the profile is a tapered "top-hat" you could probably do all 4 bends on your Magnabend, although possibly the sides of the top-hat may have to have a little more taper:
G'day Alan,
On my test-piece, the 4th bend opened out the angle of bend number 3; this was not desirable as the most important dimension of the rib I made, was the angle and altitude of the tapered piece. Hence the reason why I did the last bend by hand.

Maybe I should try your method on a full-size piece; the material is 1.2mm gal.

Cheers Charlie

PS I like your website thank you for sharing!
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