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Originally Posted by Oldnek View Post
G Day Dave.

Ive had my Magna Bender for 7 years, their a good machine but you cannot do the simplest of bends with her, common to what we require.
Like trying to fold a U channel with flanges, or even a simple angle fold of 10mm x 30mm, as the magnets will not hold the clamp bar tight enough to fold something so small. The depth of fold is limited to thickness of the fold bar at 15mm.
It's frustrating that you can't even do a simple cross break in a sheet as the magnet and bar will tend to flatten the first crease you do, it's OK on small thickness sheet .06mm but anything thicker you fade the break. I had to make a new BBQ fat drainer tray and had to chase the 1st break by hand as it flattened out. The other day I had to fold some seat mounts with captive nuts, again simple U channel 13mm flange x 20mm high x27mm wide x 400mm long. Had to use a friends Pan Brake.
Radius bends are a treat as well as using other type of tooling for tighter or wider folds.
My experience since owning this unit, shallow tight folds will break the hold down bar, or it will slide away. The only way I have found I can achieve this is to fold a flange on a large sheet then cut it down and repeat as necessary.
In a nutshell,
To do all the folds the machine demos for you does them well. But rarely we need to use all those type of folds.
Hi John,
Please refer to this section of my Magnabend website:

And also this section:
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