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A few more pics. Many Thanks to Dan and LuAnn ( the ham made it to Illinois, but the cheesy potatoes still did not even make it to Wisconsin) for another great event, and to Craig Peterson from Dagger Tools for attending and providing high end tools for the serious metal shapers.

Thanks to Cass Nawrocki for allowing a few of us to attend his shop in the new downtown St. Paul custom car shop. We were asked not to take pictures as the facility was building some VERY, VERY high end development work on a custom car of indescribable detail. Even if we could have taken pictures, they would not have been able to show the attention to detail that is being applied to this project. 3D scanning, 3D printing of prototypes, CNC milling of the CHASSIS components and the super artistic work of Cass himself on the bodies that are in the facility. Words cannot describe what can be found in this place. Cass is not only a world class metal shaper, but an articulate tool designer. Rows and rows and shelves full of tooling, especially for the wheeling machine. It was overheard, that one of the attendees was so enamored with the layout and the projects here, that he was 'going to go home and burn his shop to the ground'.

A pre-event visit to Bill Trombley's shop near Milwaukee (post to follow) also displayed a very large collection of additions and modifications to Peter Tommasini's cast wheeling machine. Bill has come to admire the advantages of cast iron machines to the point that he is actually selling some of his other fabricated machines in favor of acquiring machine that are made of cast iron components. (I hope I took a picture of his cast iron sheet metal brake).

The attendance by some 'new blood' (to us) was VERY encouraging to note that there are younger guys that are extremely talented and will be carrying this metal shaping art form into the future. I was very happy to meet Andrew, Jesse (guys, I profusely apologize for not taking note of your last names) and Clark Gillie. Keep an eye on these guys!

Thanks to Steve Hamilton for a very informative seminar on tooling for the Pullmax. Steve said that it was the same one that he gave at the Redneck Roundup, but I was not able to focus on it at that time. We were all able to pick up some very helpful tips and tricks.

Patman and Bill Trombley shared some interesting tips on TIG welding, and I was able to glean some good info for my own use. (Thanks Bill for your one on one instructions, I tried them when I got home on my own equipment. Much better at fusion welding now.)

Dennison2018 057.jpg

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