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cliffrod 03-14-2017 10:30 AM

Linux CAD advice?
I'm interested in Linux-Ubuntu compatible CAD system references for a new computer. What can those here add, recommend or warn against regarding the various open source-related programs? The typical projects of interest here are the types of things I anticipate to be doing with it, mostly 3D complex curve forms and modeling and some machine-type or mechanical patterns.

So far all here is pencil, paper and drafting table with zero CAD. The 2D patterns for my English wheel stand components are on my drawing board. If they need to transition to digital in the computer to be more easily cut, I might as well get started....

Richard K 03-14-2017 08:10 PM

I have tried and used a variety of 3d cad and 3d parametric programs over the years. Geomagic and Freecad are among those I've learned in past years. Been using cad since early 1980s.

Today I am using Autodesk Fusion 360. It is on the cutting edge for ease of use and ability of the occasional user to get great results. It is easy to learn and has great support, both from Autodesk and the user community.

It is a cloud based program you can buy outright, rent by the monnth or year or for the small guy, you can use it free.

I run Fusion 360 on a 6-7 yr old windows computer that orig cost about $500.
Windows 10 OS. Why strap yourself down to Linux and use outdated software.

There are unending videos on youtube to look at to see it in action. It will work for sculpture design, I'm sure. An add-in called Slicer will cut the design into stations.

cliffrod 03-15-2017 07:25 PM

Thanks, Richard. I was looking at Freecad and will check out the others you mentioned.

Designing sculpture on CAD might happen someday but hard to imagine at this time. Might use it for sculpture proposal presentations, to better connect with those who cannot see what I see. My sculpture work isn't CNC milled like some other's is. This will be for more pedestrian things.

We're very happy with Linux for the past decade- first Slackware and now official Ubuntu that's a lot more push-button user friendly by comparison. With a brother-in-law that spontaneously speaks code like it's plain English, we're in a different position than most. Without him, we might have to go MS or Apple....

Joe Swamp 03-15-2017 11:50 PM

Fusion 360 is one cloud solution, the other one is OnShape. OnShape is made by the folks who originally developed Solidworks. I haven't used it extensively but I've been extremely impressed by the demos -- you can work with 3d models on a cheap chromebook, you can even do CAD on a smartphone.

If your models are public the product is completely free. If anything it's an excellent resource for learning professional 3d CAD.

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