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Jere 11-09-2015 04:02 PM

Here are some dolly's you may not have seen before.


bobadame 11-09-2015 05:01 PM

Pretty pricey brand of tools.

Jere 11-09-2015 05:53 PM


As you saw at my shop I make most of my own tools. What was interesting to me was some of the shapes that are not of the norm. You could make a couple of them from that piece of rail road rail you have.:eek::D

With your machines and talent you could make a couple of them in a weekend.


Jere 11-09-2015 06:12 PM

By the way Bob someone at the Shelby reunion last weekend mentioned he knew you.


bobadame 11-09-2015 06:27 PM

Is his name Ralph?

Jere 11-10-2015 10:11 AM

I can't remember his name. He mentioned he lived near you and you took my class.


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